Drive Share Promotions

Seeing the amount of custom that the drive share companies are receiving today, you would hardly think it necessary for them to still offer promotions but some of them still do. These promotions are mainly directed at first time users and lyft coupons 2015 may even offer first time users a free ride. Obviously this type of promotion seems to be working and that is probably because, once a passenger has used the service once, they are pleased with it and so continue to use it. Basically a drive share company is a company which owns an app for smartphones which, by using the app, can request transport to take them A to B with the minimum of hassle. Once someone has downloaded the app to their smartphone, all they have to do is enter the details of where they want picked up and where they would like to be dropped off. The app then advises any drivers that also have the app, of the trip requested and the drivers are free to accept or reject each trip. The drivers are any drivers that have a smartphone with the app downloaded and have requested to be drivers for the company. This is providing a great way for regular drivers to be able to make some extra money and perhaps the good thing for those drivers is; they do not have a boss, they are free to decide what hours they work and also free to choose which trips they accept. With the possibility of earning as much as $35 in their spare time, it is a very appealing opportunity for many and so the drive share companies are never short of drivers but, due to their continuously increasing number of passengers, they are always ready to accept more drivers.

Drive sharing started off in the United States but since then, in 2006, it has become available worldwide and whichever country it goes to, it is always a success and becomes very popular so try lyft first ride free 2016. As with most things in this world though, never is everybody happy with the same thing and in this case, the people that are unhappy about drive sharing becoming so popular, are the traditional taxi drivers as they are continuously losing customers to the drive share companies. In some countries or areas, the taxi drivers have complained to the authorities that the drive share drivers are not fully qualified to carry fare paying passengers or that they are not fully insured to do so. As to whether or not this is true is still uncertain but each of the local authorities where such claims have been made, are looking into them. As drive share has already become as popular as it is, it is doubtful that authorities will stop them from operating but they may make some adjustments to their activities and these adjustments may include paying extra insurance. The question will then be of course, who will pay this extra charge, the driver, the company or the passenger through increases to fares?

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